Wood Construction Forum

The CCI FL attended the Wood Construction forum, held in the framework of the Construction week, organised the the Ministry of Economy, State construction control office, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA).  

The forum was opened by Arvils AĊĦaradens, who underlined recent changes in national construction laws that now allow to construct wooden multi-storey buildings in Latvia.  

One of the speakers was the French architect Anne-Laure Boichot who is also the president of the association ADIVBOIS. The objective of ADIVBOIS is to promote the construction of wood buildings in France and consult those that wish to build wood or hybrid buildings. In fact, in addition to the environmental argument, the overall costs of wood construction are equal or inferior to "traditional" construction, as the work is to a large extent completed before stepping on the construction site. Wood construction is a promising cooperation field between Latvian and French entrepreneurs.